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RFC 1738 in 1994 by, tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the, world Wide Web, and the URI working group of the. "The Difference Between URLs and URIs". Berners-Lee, T; Masinter, L; McCahill, M (October 1994). A URL is a specific type. URI schemes should be registered with the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (iana), although non-registered schemes are used in practice. Retrieved 3 September 2015. Berners-Lee, Tim ; Masinter, Larry; McCahill, Mark (August 1998). Thus m is a URL, while m is not. A path is always defined for a URI, though the defined path may be empty (zero length). "Uniform Resource Locators (URL. Historic RFC 1866 (obsoleted by RFC 2854) encourages CGI authors to support in addition to ' '. Retrieved 13 September 2015. Its syntax is not well defined, but by convention is most often a sequence of attributevalue pairs separated by a delimiter. "Guidelines and Registration Procedures for URI Schemes".

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The format combines the pre-existing system of domain names (created in 1985) with file path syntax, where slashes are used to separate directory and filenames. This was dropped some time between June 1994 ( RFC 1630 ) and October 1994 (draft-ietf-uri-url-08.txt). Berners-Lee later expressed regret at the use of dots to separate the parts of the domain name within URIs, wishing he had used slashes throughout, and also said that, given the colon following the first component. Connolly, Dan; Sperberg-McQueen,. "Uniform Resource Identifiers (URI Generic Syntax". Berners-Lee, Tim ; Fielding, Roy ; Masinter, Larry (January 2005). A path component may resemble or map exactly to a file system path, but does not always imply a relation to one. Retrieved Hansen,.; Hardie,. "Report from the Joint W3C/ietf URI Planning Interest Group: Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs URLs, and Uniform Resource Names (URNs Clarifications and Recommendations". A web browser will usually dereference a URL by performing an http request to the specified host, by default on port number. Protocol-relative URLs Protocol-relative links (PRL also known as protocol-relative URLs (prurl are URLs that have no protocol specified. "Web addresses in html 5". The fragment contains a fragment identifier providing direction to a secondary resource, such as a section heading in an article identified by the remainder of the URI. Retrieved Berners-Lee, Tim (2015) 2000. An optional host subcomponent, consisting of either a registered name (including but not limited to a hostname or an IP address.

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If an authority component is absent, then the path cannot begin with an empty segment, that is with two slashes as the following characters would be interpreted as an authority component. Retrieved 14 February 2010. For URIs relating to resources on the World Wide Web, some web browsers allow.0 portions of dot-decimal notation to be dropped or raw integer IP addresses to be used. URLs using the https scheme require that requests and responses be made over a secure connection to the website. Retrieved 3 February 2010. A path component, consisting of a sequence of path segments separated by a slash. Web and Internet software automatically convert the domain name into punycode usable by the Domain Name System; for example, the Chinese URL http. Html, xhtml, and CSS Bible. If an authority component is present, then the path component must either be empty or begin with a slash. 23 24 See also Notes A URL implies the means to access an indicated resource and is denoted by a protocol or an access mechanism, which is not true of every URI. A, uniform Resource Locator uRL colloquially termed a web address, is a reference to a web resource that specifies its location on a computer network and a mechanism for retrieving. Uniform Resource Locator simple example, uniform Resource Locators were defined.

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All modern browsers support IRIs. When the primary resource is an html document, the fragment is often an id attribute of a specific element, and web browsers will scroll this element into view. Secure Development for Mobile Apps: How to Design and Code Secure Mobile Applications with PHP and JavaScript. containing a query string of non-hierarchical data. Retrieved "An Introduction to Multilingual Web Addresses". Internet Engineering Task Force (ietf as an outcome of collaboration started at the ietf Living Documents. A, uRLs occur most commonly to reference web pages ( http but are also used for file transfer ( ftp email ( mailto database access jDBC and many other applications.